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Thursday, July 14, 2011

OOAK Alice in Wonderland Alice in a Teacup ! Auctions ends tonight!


OOAK Alice in Wonderland Alice in a Teacup WITW IADR - eBay (item 120748701743 end time Jul-14-11 19:22:45 PDT)


This is my version of Alice in Wonderland.. she has shrunken down sooo teeny tiny that she fits in this beautiful teacup.

I have been wanting to make this piece for a while and kept putting it off as eBay is so slow right now, but  I just couldn’t put it off any longer..I was literally itching to get this one created!! I hope you like her.. I am very fond of her!

I also have a little sleeping child fairy, resting soundly in a nest  on slowbay right now too.. I think I will get some new photos of her done today though.. my hand was a little too shakey yesterday and I just couldn’t get good pictures, they all came out blurry.

I am currently working on a Toadstool fairy, a Moon fairy.. and a couple of captured fairies, so I am keeping busy busy busy and also carrying on with homeschool through the summer months as I really hate for my daughter to get out of sync in her learning process. (Yea, she really LOVES me right now..LOL)

Anyways..thank you muchly for reading.. I will be back Smile

Monday, April 11, 2011

whispersinthewoods | eBay


whispersinthewoods | eBay

Well, I have been having fun over the last few days, creating a little dead coffin girl..ghost girl ..doll.

This is Mary Wary, and I LOVED creating her.. sometimes you just need to do something ‘different’ to your normal stuff.


I did create a fairy too.. a little Woodland fae called Briar. Hope you like em both.


I have also been busy setting up my new website..  am  a little annoyed I can’t have my site back and hate that companies can do that..snap them up and sell them to you for a huge profit. ..rotten turds.

So now am contemplating setting up a new blog with my whispers name and closing this.. as I can’t figure out how to transfer I over. I spend most of my time here talking to myself..haha so it probably doesn’t matter too much.

Still thinking bout it though…






Saturday, March 26, 2011


Whispers in the Woods

So, I just can’t let go of my Whispers in the Woods name.. I tried so hard as I see so many similar names keep popping up all over, but something in me can’t let it go, it’s such a personal thing for attachment and it just belongs with me.. so… my eBay id is back to *whispersinthewoods* and my website will soon be back to

Some rotten domain buyer has bought my old domain and wanted me to pay a small fortune to get it back, so I added the fairies to the end..and in 30 days my eBay id will be changed to whispersinthewoodsfairies to match up with my website.

If you have followed my blog or know me, you will probably know how special my whispers name is to me and will understand my flip flop

My deviant Art page is still Whispers in the Woods and hopefully I can figure out how to change my blog name here .

Anyway.. if I am not talking to myself.. thank you muchly for listening/reading to me as I ramble on  xo




Thursday, March 24, 2011

Is it the English in me that just loves to tea dye everything?


So I have noticed recently that I don’t just enjoy drinking several wonderful cuppa’s a day, but now I am being green and using those tea bags to dye lace and gauze and silk and trims and ribbons and.. anything that I think I can get away with dying…or is that staining? Hmm.

Is it just me, or is it not the most amazingly simple yet satisfying thing to do with  scraps of old lace and silk?

I get such a kick out of watching all the scraps dry in their different shade Now ..I have found that different types of tea yield different results.. American tea isn’t very strong, so that gives me a nice light creamy shade.. but British tea.. (PG Tips and Tetley are my chosen brands) whoa.. strong stuff (has to be for all that milk we add to it, ya know), that produces some very dark colors if I let it sit too long.  I haven’t had much look with fruity teas… so far..

Here is my latest batch of scraps. .. and I love how sometimes there is a darker patch…it just adds to the vintage, distressed look!






Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sculpting with my Perfect Touch tools


You know, I am so often asked what tools I use and what would I recommend new Artist buy. Well.. my tools, bought a long time ago, are the Perfect Touch tools and I don’t really think they are made anymore. They are tiny.. but do come in different sizes and they are hand made and fit their name .. they are PERFECT. I am adding some pics here to show them off… I just love these tools so much and can’t  use anything else, and I have bought a ton of tools over the years.

You can see the picture with my hand in front of the tools, just how delicate and small they are…and yes.. go ahead and admire my pretty ring bling while you are at it..hehehe..My husband did something right..this time.. and got me da biggest bling I could of wished for..although I am not working on  getting him to do it right again and get me a sapphire and Diamond ring.. ya know..the Princess Di ring, that will now be sought after all over again as it will be the Kate ring now!

Anyway, you should be able to click on these pics to make them larger! The quality is not great, sorry..took them on my phone!

That’s it for now.. until another day.. when I will be back here talking to myself!




Thursday, March 3, 2011

I got a couple of fairies finished.. AND I got them on eBay.. AND am working through this nasty flu!! YAY..I am GOOD!

Well I finished the bald naked little fairy AND started and finished another one AND got them both on eBay tonight..YAY me!!! I worked hard all day and night yesterday and tonight and ignored my rotten asthma and cough as best as I could and  feel very good to have finally got something finished and on eBay!I absolutely HATE not having something on eBay. I loathe myself and feel so all feels good in the world of Deborah McCain.. for now.

Would  you like to see the no longer bald naked fairy and her new little friend? Course you would..hehehe.. and your gonna! (because you are not really there.. Am talking to myself remember..chit chat chit chat.. it’s good to talk)

She decided she wanted to be a spring fairy and I want spring to arrive so badly that I had to agree with her!! We all want spring right now am thinking!

Her little friend just wanted to be a common all garden woodland fae.. so I let that be so too because I am not one to argue with the just not that brave. Are you?.. hmm.. Thought not ..

So.. Without further ado.. Here they are!

Please meet



And Saishee


And.. don’t forget, if you are there.. my name the fairy comp on my website.. it’s still running!




Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Trying to work through this stinking rotten flu and get a fairy I am happy with finished!

Well I have been sick for what seems like an eternity now. After poking fun at my husband and his ‘man cold’ I came down with the most vile cold I have had for a long time. As all you Mum’s know, when you get sick, so does your kid/s so you just don’t get to rest like the man of the house does. So I have been shuffling around in my not so clean nightgown for a little over a week now..(it’s ok, I am exaggerating, I have been dressed a few times and washed the nightgown)But you get the idea.. sick me, feeling sorry for myself and not being able to sculpt anything half decent…until..last night when I finally finished a little fairy I am happy with. I stayed up extra late/early and got her painted and blushed so maybe, just maybe I can get her finished and listed on eBay tonight, but don’t hold your breath.

Well, here she is.. bald, naked little thing that she is.. I like her and that’s what counts, right?

WIP March 1st

WIP2 March 1st

So, anyways.. I did complete a mermaid that I  am not so pleased with.. so look out for another giveaway soon, after my fairy giveaway competition ends.

I might do things a little different..not decided yet if she will be a giveaway or raffled for charity. Maybe I will ask people what their favorite charity is and raffle her off ..let me know your thoughts, if you have any, that is .

Winking smile

So, you can probably tell ..I am very new to this whole blogging thing and have no followers and am just here talking to but you never know who might find you and read you.. so it can be a good thing to talk to yourself..I think.. just in case.

Anyway.. I’ll be back!