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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I got a couple of fairies finished.. AND I got them on eBay.. AND am working through this nasty flu!! YAY..I am GOOD!

Well I finished the bald naked little fairy AND started and finished another one AND got them both on eBay tonight..YAY me!!! I worked hard all day and night yesterday and tonight and ignored my rotten asthma and cough as best as I could and  feel very good to have finally got something finished and on eBay!I absolutely HATE not having something on eBay. I loathe myself and feel so all feels good in the world of Deborah McCain.. for now.

Would  you like to see the no longer bald naked fairy and her new little friend? Course you would..hehehe.. and your gonna! (because you are not really there.. Am talking to myself remember..chit chat chit chat.. it’s good to talk)

She decided she wanted to be a spring fairy and I want spring to arrive so badly that I had to agree with her!! We all want spring right now am thinking!

Her little friend just wanted to be a common all garden woodland fae.. so I let that be so too because I am not one to argue with the just not that brave. Are you?.. hmm.. Thought not ..

So.. Without further ado.. Here they are!

Please meet



And Saishee


And.. don’t forget, if you are there.. my name the fairy comp on my website.. it’s still running!




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