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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Trying to work through this stinking rotten flu and get a fairy I am happy with finished!

Well I have been sick for what seems like an eternity now. After poking fun at my husband and his ‘man cold’ I came down with the most vile cold I have had for a long time. As all you Mum’s know, when you get sick, so does your kid/s so you just don’t get to rest like the man of the house does. So I have been shuffling around in my not so clean nightgown for a little over a week now..(it’s ok, I am exaggerating, I have been dressed a few times and washed the nightgown)But you get the idea.. sick me, feeling sorry for myself and not being able to sculpt anything half decent…until..last night when I finally finished a little fairy I am happy with. I stayed up extra late/early and got her painted and blushed so maybe, just maybe I can get her finished and listed on eBay tonight, but don’t hold your breath.

Well, here she is.. bald, naked little thing that she is.. I like her and that’s what counts, right?

WIP March 1st

WIP2 March 1st

So, anyways.. I did complete a mermaid that I  am not so pleased with.. so look out for another giveaway soon, after my fairy giveaway competition ends.

I might do things a little different..not decided yet if she will be a giveaway or raffled for charity. Maybe I will ask people what their favorite charity is and raffle her off ..let me know your thoughts, if you have any, that is .

Winking smile

So, you can probably tell ..I am very new to this whole blogging thing and have no followers and am just here talking to but you never know who might find you and read you.. so it can be a good thing to talk to yourself..I think.. just in case.

Anyway.. I’ll be back!


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