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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Is it the English in me that just loves to tea dye everything?


So I have noticed recently that I don’t just enjoy drinking several wonderful cuppa’s a day, but now I am being green and using those tea bags to dye lace and gauze and silk and trims and ribbons and.. anything that I think I can get away with dying…or is that staining? Hmm.

Is it just me, or is it not the most amazingly simple yet satisfying thing to do with  scraps of old lace and silk?

I get such a kick out of watching all the scraps dry in their different shade Now ..I have found that different types of tea yield different results.. American tea isn’t very strong, so that gives me a nice light creamy shade.. but British tea.. (PG Tips and Tetley are my chosen brands) whoa.. strong stuff (has to be for all that milk we add to it, ya know), that produces some very dark colors if I let it sit too long.  I haven’t had much look with fruity teas… so far..

Here is my latest batch of scraps. .. and I love how sometimes there is a darker patch…it just adds to the vintage, distressed look!







  1. Hey Debbie! I recently bought a slew of old lace and trim that I have been wanting to Tea Dye but haven't had the time nor the Tea. (I am a coffee drinker) :) You have inspired me to try to attempt this project this weekend....uhmmmm I wonder how it would turn out Coffee dyed? Hugs!

  2. Hiya Mamie! I bet coffee would work just as well you know!!! I have used coffee on tags n things and it has a similar color, but a nicer smell..haha.xoxox