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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sculpting with my Perfect Touch tools


You know, I am so often asked what tools I use and what would I recommend new Artist buy. Well.. my tools, bought a long time ago, are the Perfect Touch tools and I don’t really think they are made anymore. They are tiny.. but do come in different sizes and they are hand made and fit their name .. they are PERFECT. I am adding some pics here to show them off… I just love these tools so much and can’t  use anything else, and I have bought a ton of tools over the years.

You can see the picture with my hand in front of the tools, just how delicate and small they are…and yes.. go ahead and admire my pretty ring bling while you are at it..hehehe..My husband did something right..this time.. and got me da biggest bling I could of wished for..although I am not working on  getting him to do it right again and get me a sapphire and Diamond ring.. ya know..the Princess Di ring, that will now be sought after all over again as it will be the Kate ring now!

Anyway, you should be able to click on these pics to make them larger! The quality is not great, sorry..took them on my phone!

That’s it for now.. until another day.. when I will be back here talking to myself!





  1. AHA!!! Here you are! knew you had to be here somewhere! =>) I have a few of the Perfect Touch tools, bought them quite a few years ago. Love them! I bought mine from Walter Vaughn a really nice gentleman. Need to order a nice set like yours!

  2. Thank you for finding me on here Judy! I have no clue how to find anyone here! LOL I feel so lsot, talking to myself!
    I LOVE those tools, aren't they wonderful for tiny details?
    Really hope they start selling them again soon, I would love to get some more! xoxox