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Saturday, March 26, 2011


Whispers in the Woods

So, I just can’t let go of my Whispers in the Woods name.. I tried so hard as I see so many similar names keep popping up all over, but something in me can’t let it go, it’s such a personal thing for attachment and it just belongs with me.. so… my eBay id is back to *whispersinthewoods* and my website will soon be back to

Some rotten domain buyer has bought my old domain and wanted me to pay a small fortune to get it back, so I added the fairies to the end..and in 30 days my eBay id will be changed to whispersinthewoodsfairies to match up with my website.

If you have followed my blog or know me, you will probably know how special my whispers name is to me and will understand my flip flop

My deviant Art page is still Whispers in the Woods and hopefully I can figure out how to change my blog name here .

Anyway.. if I am not talking to myself.. thank you muchly for listening/reading to me as I ramble on  xo





  1. Hi Deb!!! <> that is great news - I love that name. And yes, it does belong to you my dear! HUGS! carla

  2. Thanks so much Carla, Yes.. I love it too and it does belong.. feels like a part of me! xoxoxoxox