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Sunday, February 13, 2011

 New Blog for me , new website and a Fairy Giveaway competition!

Well ..I decided some time ago to change my studio name from Whispers in the Woods and just use my own name. My Whispers name had a very very deep and special meaning to me..After our little boy was stillborn, the funeral home had planted a tree in the Hoosier National Forest in his memory.. one night I had a dream that I was trying to find his tree, and I heard little whispers..little fairy voices, guiding me to his tree.. and the next day.. I took the name, Whispers in the Woods,  but it's time to move on.. and after almost 10 years, it no longer seemed such a unique name anymore...and I felt lost in a woodland of whispers...
So here I am, with my new blog, website ..same old me and same old work :)
To kick off things with my new website and blog, I am offering a free fairy.. up for grabs on my site. All you have to do is give her a name. Go take a peek at her.. she seems a sad little but still a wee pretty one. Send me a name for her and on May 1st, I will choose my favorite name..and send the fairy to the winner! Simple as that!
What else is going on with me? Well, I just got back IDEX in Florida. We had a great time, spent time with old friends, made new friend's, had good food and a good time. I really hope IADR goes to IDEX again next year, I think it will be a great opportunity for us and it will be so much fun!
We have a great show running over on IADR this month.. so please stop by and check out our wonderful entries from some amazing artists. Also, we have Vicci Noel in the spotlight this month!

I don't know about you..but I am so tired of winter and snow and really looking forward to Spring. I hate winter really.. it seems the weight I work so hard to loose during the spring and summer, always finds it way back to my hips and bum in the winter.. and sometimes brings a few extra pounds with it too
So I think I might bully my husband into dragging my treadmill out of the garage and get back on that this week, but seriously, am I the only one who finds treadmills boring as hell? I find it so hard to pull myself away from working on a fairy, just to make myself suffer the treadmill. I guess I need to find something fun instead.
So please.. bring on Spring!!! Lets have some sunshine, warm sunny days and bright breezy hearts!!!

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  1. I love you, Debbie. You never told me about whispers and it brought tears to my eyes. I am so very proud of you and I thank God you're my wife.