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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines day!

Hope you all have a wonderful day full of love and happiness!
My  day is going to suck.. yep..really suck..I woke this morning to a stuffy head, sore throat and stuffy nose and I am not feeling good at all. Seriously just want to just crawl under the covers and suffer through the day in bed..Add that to the fact that I have belly ache after eating far too much of my newly acquired British food stash last night...need to work though..
So, I am plodding along slowly on a fairy for eBay. She is sitting on a toadstool and I contemplated making another wee one to go under the toadstool but now I feel like crud so that's just not gonna happen.
Hoping my supplies arrive today...that always give me a little buzz of inspiration, even if it's just clay or hair. I love buying from Judy of mywycked ways as she ships stuff at lightening fast speed..and I love the freebies she always sends too!! So.. hopefully I will have a little package form Judy this morning.
Also bought some stuff and hair from a website I just found but they haven't even charged my credit card yet which is truly pigging me off. I want my stuff, people! I could of gotten it someplace else, and probably will next time! You just don't mess with an artist who wants her stuff! :)
 Well it seems my little girl has returned from the land of nod, I hear noise coming from her room.. so I need to go be a Mum now before I can be an artist..she is also sick, in fact, that's where I got my stinking cold, from! My daughter, who got it from a snotty nosed kid in Chik-fil-A

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